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A New Shape

Know what’s underneath this painting? If you scraped the wet oils off of this canvas, underneath the cloud you’d find the outline of a black hole. That’s right, from a black hole to a cloud. Only after finishing this yesterday did I realize the poetry of it.

See, last year was a challenging year, full of a lot of proverbial black holes. But by the end of it I made a decision: I would move away from the things that kept pulling me back in, hurting me, and I would live my life according to the new shape God wanted to give it — not the shape the past kept giving it.

How fitting that over the shape of something distant, all-consuming, and destructive... I ended up painting the image of a cloud: life-giving, complex, carrying provision as well as storms, and light with every shadow. It’s a picture of life itself; of a present shaped by God’s grace. Where even a storm can look like peace. ⁣

If you turn the canvas just so, you can see the outline of what once was, but it’s barely a silhouette. I love what’s taken its place.⁣

“New Shape” 25x25x1.5, oils on canvas


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