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Reflections of Eternity

What if you looked into a mirror and saw more?

More than just a collection of deep-space imagery, this is a series about identity; about seeing ourselves—our actual reflections—in the context of something larger than our immediate surroundings. Turning the idea of a mirror upside down, this work is about discovering who we are while looking both at and past what we see. Simply put, these pieces are a challenge to reframe our perspective. To break out of the urgent, the familiar, and the superficial... and see our lives—and ourselves—as part of something greater than what meets the eye.



Best described as a cross between drawing and painting, each piece is created using a uniquely developed, intricate creative process: from several days to several weeks, fine-tip permanent ink marker is applied, dried, blended, and layered over mirror or glass. Whereas traditional paint covers up a glass surface, the use of ink allows the reflection and the design to become one. Each piece becomes a meeting point between earth and heaven, finite and infinite, human and divine.

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