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37x37x2, including custom built frame.


"I named this piece “Anthizo.” Fire, rebirth, and new life have been consistent themes in my work, but they resonate in a new way since a personal progression from illness to healing. In case you’re wondering, “anthizo” is the Greek word for “bloom.” 🔥🌹"


This is a heavy piece of hanging or leaning art, and is made with a 36x36 1/8 inch glass mirror, acrylic glass, and a wood frame built custom for this piece. Weight = 28.6 pounds


This product cannot currently be shipped. Free delivery in the Richmond, VA area, or, on orders over $1000, free delivery within 150 miles of Richmond, VA.


Part of a studio clearout discount; the work comes with some scuffs and scratches on the glass and on the frame.


Note from the artist: Because this piece is mirrored, it reflects back what is in front of it; colors will look most vibrant when hung in front of a light colored wall; the less unobscured by dark objects or furniture the more the colors will come out. Treat this piece as you would a pastel piece or drawing, and avoid hanging in direct sunlight/right in front of a window.


Feel free to reach out with any questions!

"Anthizo" Original Glass & Mirror Piece, 37x37

$2,200.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
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