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“New Song Rising”, miniature canvas series; 16 paintings; enamel, oils, ink, lacquer, mica powder, 18K gold accents. Each painting measures 4x4x1.75 inches.


"In between a bit of freelancing and commissions, one of my greatest joys has been restoring (and, in this case, rearranging) old, discarded work. There’s something about breathing new life into something flawed or forgotten that resonates so deeply. I’m naming little series “New Song Rising.” Because it was only after I restored these canvases (painting over scratches, fixing the designs, and lacing them with 18K gold) that I realized they created something of a visual symphony. Not on their own, but together. 

These, to me, are a reminder of how redemption works. It’s not about painting over something; it’s about restoring it, rearranging it, and weaving real gold into where there was just an imitation. And if there’s another beautiful thing about redemption, it’s that it shows us that we’re part of something bigger than our own little canvas, our own little set of notes. When we open our eyes to God and others… when we allow our priorities and hearts to be rearranged… we see things come together in a new way. As if all the broken, disconnected things were just a song in the making."


*Note: Each piece is signed on the back, allowing you to reconfigure/rearrange the pieces however you like!

"New Song Rising" - 16 Original Miniature Paintings, 18K gold accents

$800.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
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