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2013 Painting, 2020 Thoughts

I’ve been going through a unique personal process the past couple years… and there’s been a lot of “uncovering.”⁣⁣


Now, I’m counted among those obsessed with self-development. I could go on about personality tests, counseling, leadership training, mentoring, and the incredible role they’ve played (and play) in my life. We need these tools and we need each other! BUT. I’m starting to see something I’ve missed.⁣⁣


See, I think there’s hidden glory in each of us. By “hidden glory” I don’t mean potential brought out through self-development or self-awareness. I’m talking about something deeper, something in our identity, that’s meant to be uncovered and unleashed through other means.⁣⁣


We may think we know who we are. We do the personality tests, the therapy, the journaling, the counseling, the mentors. And these tools DO equip us to uncover a beautiful, powerful part of us that would remain otherwise undiscovered. BUT…. we’re fooling ourselves if we think it’s the full picture. All the best tools put together can uncover only a sliver of your identity. Don’t misunderstand me — they uncover a beautiful, piercing part that NEEDS to be revealed… but it’s only a part.⁣⁣


Some of us can recognize the stirring for something bigger. It’s not always something we can perfectly name or point to, but we feel the stirring. Others of us don’t even know it’s there. ⁣⁣


The point remains the same: don’t think everything you see right now is all there is. There’s more. So much more. You have something inside of you that breaks beyond your personality, your emotions, and the wiring you understand. We’re body, soul, and we’re also spirit. And we have a Spirit — the actual Spirit of God — who’s waiting to partner with us in the uncovering.⁣

”Behind the Veil” - 40x30, oil on canvas. Based on a photograph by the talented Nick Cummins, featuring the beautiful Michelle of @og_rose_writing.


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