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Deep Gratitude: A few words on my latest commission

I have so many things to be thankful for this past year… and this painting is one of them. This is my most recent commission — painted in acrylics and gilded with 24 karat gold.

I painted it for a dear woman who has a special connection with dandelions. The central flower represents her heart, and each seed is a prayer that’s been lifted up. When the light hits, you can see the seeds becoming part of a bigger cloud growing from the whole field. Each dandelion in seed has flecks of gold...and each seed turns to pure gold as it touches the heavens.

If anyone has followed my work the past years, you know that I usually work in a different medium and in a VASTLY different style. But when I began this painting, I knew this was going be about more than me, my style, or my portfolio. But that’s not even what made the process unique.

I won’t break down every detail, but every aspect of this painting said something specific for this woman — for her story, for her heart, from the mountains of indigo blue to the hoverfly with gilded wings.

After a drawn-out period of frustration with the painting process, there was a point where I (very suddenly) had these thoughts invade my mind. Not just normal thoughts, but very clear phrases: “Wipe this part off here”; “mix that color there.” I’ve painted for years, and I’ve never experienced anything like it. It felt as if I had someone standing behind my shoulder, helping me step by step. I followed those steps, not knowing where they would lead — and those ended up being the best parts of the painting. Then, at a certain point it stopped, and it all concluded with this strong thought: “It won’t always be like this… but when you need My help, I’ll always give it.”

The result is more dream-like than I originally imagined, but I realized this piece wasn’t about my idea of how it should be. This was meant for her.

This painting isn’t what I expected… but these layers of paint are laced with a process more intimate and powerful than I can put into words. God used it to bring creative breakthrough, spiritual breakthrough, and to turn a client into a dear friend. And for that I’ll be forever grateful.


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