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My Obsession with Deep Space: The Reason

You want to know the reason I’ve been drawn to deep-space imagery? Confession: I don’t considered myself a space fanatic or avid astronomer! But I want to share with you why, over the years, I’ve kept coming back to this theme.

The way I see it, we live our lives between two tensions: the seen and the unseen. The “seen” is everything that’s right in front of us… everything urgent, immediate, and fleeting. Basically everything we get sucked into. The “unseen”, on the other hand, encompasses things infinitely larger in scale: our relationship with others, our relationship with God, our relationship with ourselves, and the way we wrestle with all those things.

In our selfie/insta culture, a whole world has been built around what we see. And while there’s no inherent crime in any of it, it’s a distraction that’s costing us. We’re a generation that’s losing sight of the intangible things that, in the end, count above all else.

That’s why I keep going back to the deep-space imagery. Just like the greatest things in our lives, the biggest things in the universe are hidden in plain sight. You don’t see the dazzling eye of a galaxy when you step outside. It’s infinitely large, but will always, to the naked eye, remain invisible.

My hope is that my designs can be a small reminder to lift our eyes higher. To give our attention to the things that don’t break, age, or require a filter. The things that make you who you are, and make this life worth living.

(For anyone interested, “Eye of Worlds,” was created using permanent ink markers, reverse-rendered on glass. This matted print is produced on metallic paper, and on sale in my shop)


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