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On Eagle's Wings

This painting came from some things I went through the second half of 2019. Departure from my usual style, I know! In a barrage of personal circumstances last year, there was a lot of doubt in what I could do, what I was supposed to do, what was even possible, and if some recurring circumstances would ever be resolved. Not just in my life, but in the lives of ones I loved. I was lost in a fog, knowing nothing and doubting so much — even more than all the days of my past sickness.

But there was this small truth that invaded: that I didn’t have to carry all these things... I could be carried. That I didn’t need to stumble through the fog... could be lifted above it. It wasn’t about a change in circumstances, but a change in elevation—a higher plane of perspective. But this was a level I couldn’t reach by any more of my own endless, temporary solutions or striving. As I worked on the piece, I knew it was an invitation: to stop trying to fix and figure things out and instead climb onto the wings of my Father, God. It’s and invitation to be carried from pain to hope, fear to boldness, and from anxiety to trust. Carried above everything that seems impossible... to a place of vision, assurance, courage, and promise.

Message me if you’d be interested in the painting, or a true to size (or smaller) canvas reproduction. I’ll do a limited edition run if there’s enough interest.*

Currently being featured at the “Womankind” exhibit here in the city! More info on my social media!

*Update: The original painting is now part of a private collection, and just a couple of the canvas reproductions remain. If you're interested in a print but don't see it on my shop, please reach out to me directly!


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